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Organic SEO

More search traffic, better leads, and more brand visibility

Search engine optimisation (or SEO for short) is key if you want your website to be visible and rank well in search engines. The higher you rank and you should receive more search traffic, better leads, and more brand visibility. Get it wrong, and your business, products, and services aren’t going to be as visible as you need them to be.

To achieve optimal search engine success, you need an approach that focuses on your user and is based on legitimate search engine optimisation strategies.

This is where our SEO specialists can help you. Our SEO services deliver measurable, meaningful results.

Give your business the widest audience possible

We can help you rank higher in Google search results and Bing search results (as well as other search engines) for search queries relevant to your business. This will allow your products, services and brand to be shown to a wider audience of potential new customers.

We keep user experience at the core of our search engine optimisation techniques. Achieving consistent results over time ensures the long-term security of your positions, as well as value for your marketing spend.

Our SEO strategy services


We use comprehensive SEO audit tools and keyword research tools to establish prime improvement opportunities.

  • We find out what your potential customers are searching for online
  • We discover how your customers perform searches
  • We recommend the search terms you should be aiming to rank for
  • We research your competitors in actual search engine results pages
  • We check to see if your site (or single web page) is well optimised to achieve a high search rank
  • We check known ranking factors (such as page speed) to see if any improvements could be made
In depth keyword research

Keyword research is more than creating a list of keywords and then choosing those with a high search volume. The latest best practice suggests that we need to place much more emphasis on search intent. That means: What do customers expect to see when they search for specific things?

Do some of your keywords show patterns that can be seen within Google trends (maybe the search term is seasonal or linked to a regular event)?

We compile a list of relevant keyword ideas for each page that you want to increase the search engine visibility for. We then review the landscape of those keywords to see how they are used by competitors and identify further opportunities.

Comprehensive technical site audits

Technical site audits help us to understand the health of your site and make suggestions for improvements.

  • We check if there are any broken links or pages that lead customers to a dead end
  • We also investigate whether there is any duplicated content across multiple pages that may affect your rankings
  • Are there any issues with the xml sitemap, and has it been uploaded to
  • Google search console in the correct way?
  • Does the site have any issues that could restrict how quickly a page loads?
  • Finally we perform standard checks to find out how easy it is for search engines to crawl your site
  • We review the site from a technical standpoint and send you information that is clear and easy to understand. Our reports also include details on how to fix any issues, which will help your developers to make changes.

SEO analysis provides us with valuable insight into the most efficient way to implement our research findings.

Search opportunity analysis

We use search opportunity analysis to identify areas that we can work on to help strengthen the SEO of your site. We then create a strategy document around this analysis so that you know exactly what we’re working on at any given time.

Tailored reports

As part of the analysis process, we produce reports for you based around your objectives. This ensures that our reports only include the data that you need, and maximises the value that we deliver.


Our findings from research and analysis form the foundations of our optimisation implementation.


Content marketing is a large part of SEO campaigns, and can help your digital SEO in a number of ways. As well as including targeted keywords in your site, content is how you communicate with visitors and encourage them to convert.

We can help you with your SEO content by spotting quick wins that could be fixed, such as duplicate content issues. We can also help with traditional SEO efforts like adding meta tags, keyword research and content gap analysis. By combining our SEO findings with a content marketing plan, we can help optimise existing content, or help create an entirely new piece of content as part of an ongoing plan.

Link building

Link building forms the off-site basis of many of our SEO projects. Creating or claiming links from other sites helps Google to crawl your site, and helps indicate the quality of your site. Our experience as an SEO agency helps us to easily identify backlink opportunities that are likely to be of high quality.

Local SEO

Local SEO is used to drive visitors to locally based websites that best meet their needs. Rather than competing on a national basis for your desired keywords, local SEO techniques help to put your website in front of people who are searching in your area.

As part of our search engine optimisation service, we recommend any actions that could be taken to improve your local SEO. This includes checking features like: Google My Business profile(s), social media profiles, local keyword research and location based schema markup.

Want to know how we can help improve your website’s organic search performance? Contact us today.

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